BBay Pub Run

To promote running as part of a healthy lifestyle, BBay Running offers free weekly group runs open to all levels and abilities of runners. BBay Ambassadors guide each pace group. BBay Pub Runs are every Thursday evening. We leave BBay (1431 N State St) at 6:05 pm. We run distances of 5-10km (3-6 miles). No need to join us at the post-run pub or brewery if you do not have time or that is not your thing, but come for the run.

Schedule: BBay Events Calendar or BBay Facebook events
Route Maps: BBay Running Club on Strava

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BBay Pub Runs are fun, healthy outings with diverse groups of runners. Nearly each BBay Pub Run is different. Runners enjoy one of our many routes and complete our run at a different local pub or brewery. Often, a BBay partner will join us to offer shoes or other products to try on your run.

Trinity of BBay Pub Runs:

Upon completing our run, you will have earned your beer at one of these great local pubs, breweries or dive bars (yes, we go to the dark side sometimes).

  1. Run for Fun
  2. Buy Local
  3. Enjoy a Beer
From BBay
Bellingham – Greater Downtown
Artivem Mead CoIIY    
Aslan BrewpubXVYY0.30.22 min
Aslan DepotXVIIIY 0.20.11 min
BBay Running B.Y.O.G.XXXII Y0.00.00 min
Beaver Inn   0.40.33 min
Bellingham Cider CoVYY0.80.55 min
Boundary Bay BreweryVYY0.60.44 min
Cabin TavernII  0.60.44 min
Cap Hansen’s Tavern   0.30.22 min
Chuckanut BreweryIIYY1.00.66 min
Copper HogV  0.20.11 min
Culture CafeII Y0.30.22 min
Darach Brewing      
Elizabeth StationIVYY1.61.010 min
Goods Local BrewsIYY2.31.414 min
Grand Avenue Ale HouseI  0.40.33 min
Green FrogII Y0.60.44 min
Greene’s CornerIYY1.30.88 min
Gruff BrewingXIIY 0.80.55 min
Honey MoonIYY0.60.44 min
Hops ‘n HeadzIYY3.22.020 min
Horseshoe CafeI     
JUXT TaphouseI     
Kulshan BrewingIIIYY1.40.99 min
Kulshan Brewing (K2)VIY 1.91.212 min
Kulshan Brewing TracksideIYY   
Lost Giants CiderIIIYY1.30.88 min
McKay’s TaphouseIYY1.30.88 min
Melvin BrewingIYY1.71.111 min
Menace BrewingIIIYY2.01.313 min
Nelson’s MarketI Y   
Overlands Beer YY1.20.77 min
Schweinhaus BiergartenXIYY0.20.11 min
State Street Bar   0.20.11 min
Station Social HouseII Y0.20.11 min
Stemma BrewingVIY 1.40.99 min
Structures BrewingXXY 0.10.11 min
The Local Public HouseXXVIYY0.20.11 min
Thousand Acre Cider HouseIV  0.30.28 min
Twin Sisters BrewingVIYY1.30.88 min
Uisce Irish PubIIIY 0.40.33 min
Wander BrewingXVIYY0.60.44 min
Waterfront Tavern   1.00.66 min
World Famous Up & UpII  0.30.22 min
Bellingham – East
Illuminati BrewingIVY Y5.53.434 min
Overflow TapsVY 4.02.525 min
Bellingham – South
Archer Ale House Y 4.52.828 min
Filling StationI Y4.22.626 min
Stones Throw BreweryIYY4.52.828 min
DownTime TapsI hrs
FrinGe BrewingII hrs
Overflow TapsIY 23.514.62.4 hrs
North Fork BreweryIYY35.622.13.7 hrs
Atwood Ales   44.427.64.6 hrs
 BBay Running Pub Run

BBay Pub Run

For BBay Pub Run Ambassadors, running is a passion which they love to share with you. We will guide you along a variety of the best urban and trail routes originating from the heart of downtown Bellingham and occasional trail heads while keeping your safety and run experience as our priority. Our team want you to have fun, answer your questions and get to know you. If you are in the mood after your run, join us at one of the 35 pubs, breweries or dive bars. See you Thursday!

Collin Nunez
BBay Ambassador / Run Leader

Austen Reiter, Manager, BBay Running

Austen Reiter
Store Manager / Run Leader

Corban Brantley, BBay Ambassador

Corban Brantley
BBay Ambassador / Run Leader

David Ball, BBay Ambassador

David Ball
BBay Ambassador / Run Leader

Hannah Losser

Hannah Losser
Bay Ambassador / Run Leader

Sam Alexander
BBay Ambassador Emeritus / Run Leader

David Penrose, Owner, BBay Running

David Penrose
Owner / Run Leader

Charlie Sunderlage
BBay Ambassador Emeritus / Run Leader

Casey Morrison
BBay Ambassador / Run Leader

Aubrey LaPlante
Bay Ambassador / Run Leader

Colton Pulver
Team BBay / Run Leader

Alissa Reynolds

Alissa Reynolds & Rio
Team BBay / Run Leader