Shoe Donation

Every Shoe Helps!

BBay Running welcomes contributions to reuse or recycle your used running and walking shoes. By saving them from landfill for reuse or recycling, we help less fortunate youth and adults while improving our environment. For reuse, our primary goal is to give shoes an extended life in our local community for both youth and adults. After local organizations have selected through your donated shoes, we ship the remaining reusable shoes to MORE Foundation. The proceeds from the shoes help MORE plant thousands of trees each year, which offsets carbon in the atmosphere. Non-reusable shoes get recycled.

Shoes you donate are reused or recycled as follows:

  1. First, Northwest Youth Services – NWYS collaborates with at-risk, runaway and homeless youth to foster self-reliance.
  2. Second, local high school track & cross country programs
  3. Third, Lighthouse Mission Ministries – The Mission works to break the cycle of homelessness in the lives of people experiencing it through vital services such as nutritious meals, safe shelter and one-on-one case management.
  4. Fourth, MORE Foundation – Leverage used athletic shoes to fight poverty, hunger and global warming.
  5. Finally, shoes that do not qualify for reuse are set aside for recycling. Quarterly, BBay Running takes non-reusable shoes to Nike Clearance Store in Burlington WA for recycling. Nike collects old, worn-out athletic shoes for recycling, and along with pre-consumer shoe waste, transforms them into Nike Grind, a material used to create athletic and playground surfaces and more.

As a thank you for your donated shoes, you will receive BBay Rewards points.

Please bring your gently used athletic shoes to BBay Running for drop-off or to any races with whom we partner for shoe recycling.

Since 2013, BBay Running doing right for second-life and end-of-life of running and walking shoes while being kind to our environment.

Thank you for your shoes, your help.