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Presented by Dr. Betty Callen, D.C., Masters in Scoliosis, Certified in Chiropractic Biophysics

Running and staying active becomes part of who you are. If who you are becomes challenged in any way, it can disrupt the harmonic balance of our life and create chaos.

Let’s do the best with what we got! And Keep Moving! Motion is LIFE!

First, we must define what is normal.
Then, we must recognize what is “not normal’ or out of balance.
Then decide what is possible to do about it. Final Step, TAKE ACTION.

At this workshop I will go over normal posture, how posture can move out of balance, and what can be done about it. This will be an interactive workshop so wear comfortable clothing you can move and stretch in. I have been running with scoliosis for 20 years. I love to run. I love to move. I will tell you how I keep running with scoliosis and how other postural challenges can be modified while running. So, whether it be an injury that was sudden, chronic condition that just won’t go away, aging, or you were just born with something like scoliosis…this is a workshop for you! I look forward to helping you run or stay active for your lifetime.

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