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The fast and flat 10 kilometer trail circuit around Elk and Beaver Lakes is considered as one of the premiere races of its type in North America.  Runners complete 10 laps for the 100K division, 8+ laps for 50 Miles and 5 laps for 50K while walkers complete 4 laps for 40K.

The venue is all trails, very flat, has good footing, and is in excellent condition. Definitely a runner-friendly, P.R. type course!

The race attracts some of the most high performance ultramarathoners in Canada and the United States.  It is an excellent qualifier for 100 Mile events. The course is accurately-measured with a Jones Counter and certified splits are available every 10 kilometres.  You will not find a flatter trail ultra anywhere in Canada – definitely P.R. material!  You’ll receive great organization, support, hospitality and race services at the event.

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