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Bellingham Bay Marathon and BBay Running are excited to offer the official preview of Bellingham Bay Marathon – Half Marathon course. This will give registered runners and walkers an opportunity to become familiar with the course prior to race day.

BBay Endurance Training Program (ETP) coaches will lead us on the course preview. Run and walk pace groups will be formed. These will be no drop, group previews. All levels welcome. This is a free event.

Some things to note:
o People will be grouped together based on their pace before we start to run or walk
o BBay ETP coaches will lead each pace group
o Check course map ahead of time to get a feel for the streets and trail used for this course
o Consider using Strava app and our Strava BBM Half Marathon map to track your preview
o No traffic controls in use for this preview
o For your safety, adhere to rules of the road for running & walking
o Free parking available in downtown Bellingham near our start location
o Bellingham Farmers Market Market opens at 10AM for post-preview enjoyment
o Be prepared to have a nice, relaxing run with some awesome people that share your goals.

Course Preview: Bellingham Bay Marathon – Half Marathon (last 9.2 miles of Marathon) Course

Start on Railroad Ave in front of Depot Market Square in Downtown Bellingham. The course runs through Bellingham and makes its way through Columbia Neighborhood north of downtown for miles 1 through 3. A gentle ascent with views of Bellingham Bay and islands welcomes athletes to mile 4. Enjoy peeks of Mount Baker through Birchwood Neighborhood while coasting down 140 feet over miles 5, 6 and 7. Athletes make their way to downtown Bellingham along the waterfront for miles 8 and 9. Leaving downtown Bellingham for miles 10 and 11, the course runs along the evergreen South Bay Trail through Boulevard Park over-water across 172 meters long Pattle Point Trestle and 400 meters long Taylor Dock while admiring views, sounds and smells of the bay. Gently ascend through mile 12. For the final mile, enjoy a gentle descent with panoramic views of Bellingham Bay to the finish line near Depot Market Square.

BBay Running | Strava
Event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/234842/group_events/533850
Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/19911521

Hydration & Bathrooms
o Participants are encouraged to carry water or your preferred energy drink for rehydration
o Use bathroom facilities before preview begins
o All on course hydration stops for our course preview will be at public water fountains:
+ Start @ ETP Base: water + nuun + bathrooms
+ 1.2mi @ Elizabeth Park: water fountain + bathrooms (30 meters off route)
+ 6.8mi @ Squalicum Creek Park: water fountain + bathrooms
+ 7.9mi @ Harbor Center: water fountain + bathrooms (20 meters off route)
+ 9.2mi @ ETP Base: water + nuun + bathrooms
+ 10.6mi @ Boulevard Park: water fountain + bathrooms
+ 10.8mi @ Boulevard Park: water fountain + bathrooms
+ 11.3mi @ Taylor Dock: water fountain + bathrooms
+ Finish @ ETP Base: water + nuun + bathrooms

Check-in will be located at the corner of Railroad Av & E Maple St near the goat.
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yifwjQVR3SvJDgfw6

Prizes will be raffled from BBay Running and Bellingham Bay Marathon. All participants will receive a coupon to redeem at BBay Running for training, race and healthy lifestyle essentials!

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