Whether you want to live a healthy & active lifestyle, qualify for Boston Marathon, improve your race time or walk/run your first 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon, our goal is to improve your fitness and get you across your FINISH line. We have expert endurance coaches for walkers and runners of all paces. David Penrose, the former Event Director of the Bellingham Bay Marathon, will direct the program with the same humanity, professional focus and attention to details to ensure all ETP members experience personal growth to help them fulfill their active lifestyle or race goal.

BBay Endurance Training Program

To promote walking & running as part of a healthy lifestyle, BBay Running offers an endurance training program open to all levels and abilities of walkers & runners. Participants will be grouped by similar base-endurance capacities. A BBay head coach will be dedicated to train and mentor each group. Assistant coaches and training assistants will be available to support the head coaches and enhance your experience in the program.

BBay Endurance Training Program objective: do all possible to ensure you reach your fitness goal or your finish line. The path to participants fitness level or goal race(s) will be well coached through education, counseling and guidance through our 26-week program.

Program Overview

ETP will provide weekly coached sessions each Saturday morning endurance training. These programs are expertly coached during in-person sessions, plus a weekly training plan. Group training for your goal race distance ensures you have the motivation and support coming from other participants. Our training groups offer ETP members a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

  • Info Session: 7:00p,Wednesday, 27 March @ BBay Running – Want to learn more? Come to our info session to ask questions and get answers!
  • Info Session & Orientation
    • 9:00a, Saturday, 30 March @ BBay Running
    • 7:00p, Wednesday, 3 April @ BBay Running
  • The 26-week ETP training for fitness, marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 5K starts 8:00a, Saturday, 6 April. Participants will run or walk 2.6 miles (one lap around Lake Padden) to aid in pace group placement.
  • Community professionals will be guest speakers before 1-2 training sessions each month.
  • Seminars specifically designed for endurance training will be held occasionally at BBay Running.
  • While BBay ETP schedule is ideal for running or walking any of the Bellingham Bay Marathon events(5k, 10k, relay, half marathon or marathon), program participants may apply the endurance benefit of ETP to any race(s).

Location: BBay Running, 1431 N State St, Bellingham; directions

Program Benefits

  • Extended 26-week length makes this endurance program achievable even for those with little to no training
  • Daily plan for fitness, 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon training over the 26-week program
  • Weekly in-person coached group runs at a variety of locations & terrain
  • Coach consulting throughout training
  • Weekly ETP Newsletter
  • Weekly Training Group Specific Coach’s Email
  • Educational sessions: injury prevention, stride efficiency, pace, hydration, nutrition, gear selection and more
  • Private Strava club & Private Facebook group for program announcements, event listing, member-to-member discussions and photos
  • Largest endurance training program for both healthy lifestyle and race preparation in Whatcom county.
  • Technical shirt for training & racing
  • 15% discount on any 2019 Bellingham Bay Marathon event (full, half, 10K, 5K or relay)
  • 15% discount on all purchases at BBay Running for duration of program season
  • Form life-long friendships
  • Healthy Lifestyle!

Training Groups

BBay ETP coaches are experienced in and dedicated to specific training groups to ensure participants received the coaching that is right for them. Training groups are defined by pace as follows:

  • Baker – 13:30+ per mile
  • Kulshan – 11:00-13:00 per mile
  • Shuksan – 9:30-10:30 per mile
  • Twin Sisters – sub-9:00 per mile


  • $100: Early Bird In-Store Deal! 4-17 March, in-store registration ONLY
  • $115: Early Bird Online Deal! 10-17 March
  • $135 $115 Save $20 18 March – 30 April (in-store registration or coupon code)
  • $135 $125 Save $10 Inaugural Year Deal 18 March – 30 April, use coupon code: bbay1
  • $135: Regular Season Price


  • In-store Registration @ BBay Running, 1431 N State St, Bellingham; directions
  • Online Registration

Free Trial

If you are not sure BBay ETP is right to support your healthy lifestyle or help you achieve your race goal, then try out our program for 2-weeks. Click here for your free trial registration.

BBay Endurance Training Program Team

BBay ETP Coaches

Austen Reiter, Training Coordinator
Baker (13:30+)
Jane Moudry, Head Coach
Linda Pierce, Assistant Coach
Sue Dabney, Training Asssitant
Kulshan (11:00-13:00)
Amber Becker, Head Coach
Patricia Holmes, Assistant Coach
Pauline Lauvin, Assistant Coach
Shuksan (9:30-10:30)
Brad Hubbard, Head Coach
Michelle Heitmann, Assistant Coach
Twin Sisters (sub-9:00)
Austen Reiter, Head Coach
David Ball, Assistant Coach
Seth O’Harra, Training Assistant

BBay Endurance Training Program team
looks forward to helping you reach your goals
as part of your living a healthy lifestyle.

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